New Chapter

If you are in a dark time of your life and you do not think that you can get out of it, know that you can.  Know that there are people out there that do care for you as well as you can rely on God.  No matter how alone you feel He is there, watching, listening, guiding, and holding your hand.  I know this is true because He was there for me these past few months of my life as I tried to figure out what I not only wanted but needed.

Currently I am sitting here watching the movie Twister, and I realized that life is a twister.  No matter how smooth you think you have it, there will come a time in your life where it will be turned upside down, turn you this way and that way.  There will be dark clouds, thunder, and rain, yet, even after all of that you know that at the end of it there will be a clearing of the storm, a break in the clouds and you will see light once again.  This I have.

During those months of being away from the father of my children was when the twister was happening.  was when I was riding the storm out.  Towards the end I could actually see light, I could see my clearing in my gray skies.  There was several people who kept telling me that it was a bad idea in going back.  Well I say to those people, I love you and thank you for caring so much for me but I had to follow my heart and do what was best for my family.  Now sitting where I am, I knew that I was right, I have never felt more alive, more confident in what I was doing then I do at this moment in time.

This is where I belong, this is where my heart is.


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