Joining this challenge will be hard and enlighting all at the same time.  I know personally that this will wind up being very difficult, running a house, two toddlers, and school online will make it hard to keep everything running smoothly, but this is also going to help me in my schooling.  Why you ask?  Due to the fact it’ll help me in my writing skills, and build up a nice portfillio for work/career.

Like I posted in my Writer’s Block earlier don’t try to sit down and write a textbook article, write from your heart.  By writing from your heart you can learn new things about yourself as you through this journey.  I have learned personally that by writing has helped me therapudicially.

I have been writing since I was in middle school and over the years as I grew so did my writing.  It has gone far and beyond of a hobble, it has gotten into my blood, and that is where I want to keep it.


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