Rambling I guess…

Ok so I missed my mark yesterday, but with two toddlers and an online education it feels kind of hard to juggle everything; but its strange how little things always seem to get you back into perspective of things.  Mind was comments left for a power point slide that I did for my current class.  It has been awhile since I messed around with power point so it took me awhile to get it together.  Several of classmates as well as my instructor said that it was really put together and organized.  I know, really simple compliments but it really helped me to get motivated again.

I have several people ask me why in the world did I choose Journalism and mass communications for my major?  Simple, you can go just about as far in this major as you can in Business Administration.  This way I have options for where and how I want to go but I also get to enjoy what I am doing.   It is really strange I can write a blog post, or an article, or something of that nature, yet when it comes to something like an essay or structured like that I freeze up.  Thankfully I can pull them off for classes but its like pulling teeth for me to get one written!  Which reminds me, I’ve got one that I need to be working on now……


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