The Storm From Within

There’s a storm brewing in the air this night. Take me by the hand and draw me near, keep me safe from all harm. I know you’ll do me no wrong.

Eyes burning with fire from within, my body yearns to be in your arms, my lips can taste yours upon mine. As the rain falls we gaze into one another’s eyes.

The strength of the eyes is a powerful thing. The windows to the soul as many of people have said. Hearing the thunder I shudder as you hold me near, your words of comfort touch my soul deep within.

Lighting slicing through the night sky, the rain thrashing against the window, two seconds we tense clinging to one another waiting for the thunder.

After the storm is over we lay in one another’s arms, our eyes bright with exhaustion. The wind blows gently caressing our bodies through the open window as we slowly fall asleep as the storm dies out.


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