“Father” doesn’t have to be by blood

Well, it seems that it has been quite awhile since I’ve had a chance to really get a post out recently. It has been a crazy couple of months here on the farm, the “Father” of the farm has finally closed his eyes and gone home to where he can finally go fishing and riding his horses whenever he wants. I have to say that I have held my own during this time ok. No, it wasn’t father who passed, it was my fiancee’s father. Yet, I know how the cousins feel about him he was in essence their “father” as well. Well by the time this wonderful strong man closed his eyes he had become my second dad.

See, not sure if I have mentioned it in this blog or not but I am a thankful survivor of cervical cancer, and as I was coming out of my battle, he was going in. He however wasn’t told that “Yes, we can fight this and move on” he was told “we can fight this but this is how long…..” Let me tell you, that man was not happy with that out come right from the get go. Yet, he set his mind and heart to the option of fighting it, and we were blessed with a wonderful year of getting to love on him. I will never forget the times of “G-daddy” riding up on the Montana (small green tractor) to the fire pit to throw limbs in and the boys go SPASTIC in my kitchen “Momma Gdaddy!! I wanna go see Gdaddy!” Laughing and shaking my head I would either call Chris or walk down there and help. Next thing I know the boys are down there with tractor and gator (power wheels) running loggs from one spot to another, carrying limbs from here to there.

Those were the early months, where he could get out and do different things, as the year wore on so did his health. It was then to the point where he would have days where he wouldn’t even come out of the house, days like that were tough on him I know, he hated sitting on the couch and unable to go out like he use to. It was a hit to his pride, one that stung like a bitch. So on days where he felt good we would go down just to keep him company and we would have our “log talks” as the boys played at the edge of the pond. Their dad keeps saying that Curt is a natural at fishing; yeah there were a many a day that we would sit on a log with Curt in between his G-daddy’s legs learning how to fish. And there were a many a day when G-daddy had to untangle a fishing rod LOL!!

Well, I have come to a wall that I can’t seem to break down tonight, so we shall try again tomorrow night.

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