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March 19, 2011


Nic Robinson from CNN is currently live in Libya where there is a civil rights war going on, currently at this time there are missile attacks, explosions going off. The anti gunfire seemed to be originating from the palace of Gaddafi.

March 17, 2011

Disaster in Japan……

There are no words that can express the magnitude of this disaster in Japan right now.  Earthquakes, tsunami’s, threats of nuke radiation to happen, and aftershocks….one thing right after the other over there, all I can say is that my heart and prayers go out to this country.

Friday in Japan a 8.9 earthquake rattled people out of their homes, out of their bodies pretty much, because of this massive earthquake a tsunami was created and ransacked not only Japan but Hawii and a little bit of the West Coast area.  Now they are fighting with keeping the nuclear reactors under control and not going through a serious meltdown.  I can only pray with all of my might that God knows what He’s doing and go from there.

I cannot even imagine that kind of destruction here on the East Coast where I live, I would go into shell shock I’m sure as many others would as well.  Its kind of eerie though because I heard on the news last night that in Asheville NC there was a small earth quake yesterday morning.  Not trying to raise any fears or anything but folks there is no telling what is going to happen in the future all we can do is pray and hold on to our loved ones and keep faith that everything is going to be OK!