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April 20, 2011

Children Of Our Ancestors

Our children are our future....

Earth beneath me
Air around me
Water beside me
Fire that burns within
Love that surrounds
Makes us one
We are the children
That harbors the souls
Of our ancestors.
Look into our eyes and
Witness the past.
The Falcon the Eagle
Birds of prey
Come to and fro
Day after day.
Watching from a distance
We feel proud to know
Once long ago
Our ancestors watched
From the same ground.
One day our nation will
And until then the
Fire burns from

April 20, 2011

The Chase

Heart pounding, fingers trembling, breathe quickening, hearing his heartbeat in his ears. Feeling scared, holding his lover’s hand hoping that she can’t feel his fingers trembling, for he was terrified, but not wanting her to know. He knew that she was petrified but also gathering the strength to go forth with him

As the walk on through the dark woods she kept hearing other footsteps other than their own. She looks into her lovers eyes wondering if he had heard them to, he nodded motioning to a big tree with a hole it it, big enough to hide only one person. She knew what he wanted her to do but she wasn’t about to leave him alone with them being chased. She shook her head furiously, tightening her hold on his hand saying in an iron voice that she would not leave him.

He gritted his teeth knowing that she was a very stubborn woman, how could he have ever thought that she would of gone through with the plan knowing that he would be out there alone. He nods understanding her fears. He gently takes her hands in his and telling her in a soft voice not to worry for he would be all right. She still shakes her head, fire gleaming in her eyes.

Feeling the hair on the back of her neck rise knowing that someone was watching them her eyes shinning with fear, fearing that they would be caught. Quickly, holding her breath and motioning with her head to the thicket, meaning that is their only escape, he node and runs for the thicket with her right on his heels.

Kicking away the stray limbs and the brush he makes a path for him and his love to get through, to run for their lives. Hearing her breathing heavy behind him he looks back at her and smiles reassuringly. Hoping that she would understand that he was there and not going to leave her.

With her lover before her, and looking back at her and smiling, she knew then and only then that they would get out of this alive. Feeling her heart soar with renewed strength she lunges forward going as fast as she can possibly go.

Hearing his lover coming up behind him, he wonders if she is going to pass him or not. He looks back at her and a sight that chills him to the bone. He saw a shadow following them and with his lover not knowing that fact he quickly takes a hold of her hand and pulls her in front of him urging her to run faster. She is looking at him with questions in her eyes. He only shakes his head urging her on. She shrugs and keeps moving without looking back, the way he had hoped that she would.

As she thrashed through the brush her lover had pulled her in front of him. She looked at him wondering what was going on. His face was white as a ghost, she knows that he is holding something back but not quite wanting her to know. She just kept running until she felt the spray of water. As she came onto the stream she let out a strangled gasp, for the current was rushing by with such force that she knows that if she went into the stream that she would be ripped in two! When she looks back to her lover he was no where to be seen. Her eyes searching frantically for a sign of him but there was none.

He felt a hand on his shoulder, tackling him to the ground. Without a sound he rolled over onto his back and with strength he did not know he had, he pushes the attacker off of him. Looking for his lover, guessing she had gone ahead of him, for he was glad. Finishing off the job he slowly walks forward calming his heart and his fear.

As she paces the shore looking for her lover he finally walks through the clearing. She smiles and holds him in her arms, whispering comforting thoughts into his ears, knowing that he has completed the job that they were sent on. The chase was over.

April 20, 2011

The Storm From Within

There’s a storm brewing in the air this night. Take me by the hand and draw me near, keep me safe from all harm. I know you’ll do me no wrong.

Eyes burning with fire from within, my body yearns to be in your arms, my lips can taste yours upon mine. As the rain falls we gaze into one another’s eyes.

The strength of the eyes is a powerful thing. The windows to the soul as many of people have said. Hearing the thunder I shudder as you hold me near, your words of comfort touch my soul deep within.

Lighting slicing through the night sky, the rain thrashing against the window, two seconds we tense clinging to one another waiting for the thunder.

After the storm is over we lay in one another’s arms, our eyes bright with exhaustion. The wind blows gently caressing our bodies through the open window as we slowly fall asleep as the storm dies out.

April 20, 2011

Surfer’s World

As you hear the waves pound the shore you shiver with excitement holding the slick surfboard waiting for the right moment. On your stomach arms slicing through the ice cold water, feeling the spray of the ocean on your face, your suit clinging to you like a second skin. With your back to the waves, body tense with anticipation, hearing the ocean roaring you calmly and carefully get to your feet, squatting on your board, having to keep your balance and not get disoriented you wait, waiting for the feel of your board being lifted, feeling it, you rise keeping your knees bent riding the surfboard over the face of the wave. You look to the side of you seeing the curl of the wave, better known as the funnel cone. Turning sharply you head for the cone. The curl of the wave closes around you, but you do not feel afraid for you know that you are the one in control not the wave. Staying on the wave, inside of the cone pushing your back foot on the back of the board sending you flying through. Not looking back, but you can hear the funnel cone crashing behind you nipping at your heels urging you on busting out of the funnel cone at the end sharply maneuvering your board so you are now well on your way to the shore, dropping to your hands and feet, gripping the board with your hands you drop to your knees then straddling the board riding the last little bit of the wave to solid ground. Standing on the shore you look out at the vast openness of the ocean with the sun setting on it with the colors dancing over the crystal blue water, feeling your heart slowing down finally the adrenaline rush leaving your veins. You walk home with the slick board under your arm waiting for the next day seeing how many more waves you can catch.

April 20, 2011

Long Lost

Feeling her heart pound with the quickness of her breath she knows that she has found her long lost brother. Her eyes shining with excitement, not knowing what to expect from him, scared that he will turn away and leave her again. Holding her breath and quietly walking over to him, tapping him on the shoulder with her index finger, slightly shaking with fear. Her brother turns around and smiles. The reconization dawns on him and his face burns with fury of being discovered, by his own sister nonetheless!!

How could she, he wonders furiously! He had left home for a reason and now she has come to take him home he is sure. Well, not this time, she won’t. In his heart he knows she means well, but he can’t go back. If only she knew why he couldn’t. Gritting his teeth he tears out of the bar, leaving his sister looking after him with tears streaming down her face and calling his name. He couldn’t stop; he had to get out of there so he wouldn’t have to hear her crying.

She slumps down onto the stool that he was sitting on before he decided to leave. She had traveled so far to bring him home safely and he wasn’t about to let her! She knows in her head that she should leave him alone; yet in her heart she couldn’t just let him go on living without knowing that his family was there for him no matter what kind of trouble was, but she was going to find out, whether he wants her to or not!!

Shivering from cold and anger, he walks through the streets hoping that she won’t come after him. He loves his sister, but if she ever found out about him she would never love him the same way again. Feeling wetness on his cheeks, he furiously wipes the tears away, cursing at her under his breath. Feeling hands on his shoulders he whirls around ready to fight his attacker but stops short when he realizes whom it is. He was looking straight into his twin sister’s deep blue eyes. He saw only love and affection, not anger or
hatred. How could he have ever thought that she would desert him? She was his twin and she would stand by him through think and thin.

As she stares into her brothers eyes, only feeling love for him hoping that he will say something or do something to let her know that he wasn’t going to run from her again. With her tear stained cheeks and teeth trembling from the cold, she gently takes his hand and caresses it with her fingers looking into his eyes pleading to him to let her back into his life. His hand trembles with cold or anger, she can’t quite figure it out.

He catches his breath as she takes his hands while they shake with the confusion of not knowing what to do. He draws in shaky breaths and extends his other hand and strokes her cheek wiping the tears away from her eyes pleading with an emotion choked voice to stop crying. She nods and says that she will try only if he stops, making him smile, for he had wiped his tears away and her still knowing that he was crying on the inside.

She slowly offers him a smile hoping that he will open up to her. When he gently strokes her cheek, she feels his fingers shaking, now knowing
not from anger, but from love……..

April 20, 2011

Night Panther The Sequel

The darkness closing around her as she reaches to the stars for help and protection. Wishing just one more time that she could become the black powerful night panther once again. Dropping to her knees in the same spot where her father had given her the power to become the black panther, she softly touches the bark where she had scratched at it testing her new found claws. How could this wonderful power of her been taken away?

Watching from a distance he sits on a rock watching his daughter stroke the tree knowing in his heart that she wants to feel the powerful panther flowing through her blood once again. He looks to the cloudy night wishing it would clear up for her to get her wish. For the legend was told that the moon must be high in the night sky, with the stars shinning bright. Shaking his head he stands and walks to her slowly.

Hearing someone coming up behind her she turns quickly, her eyes blazing, even though not the panther, yet feeling it within her longing to come out. Seeing that it is only her father she looks back to the tree and stands to greet him. Looking into his gray eyes she sees him hurting in his soul for he can do nothing but hope that the night sky clears up. Hearing thunder off in the distance she shivers knowing there will be a storm coming in. Looking towards the horizon she sees a flash of lighting, feeling it’s power go through the earth and rumble against her she laughs gleefully knowing the time was finally near, turning to her father she smiles gratefully.

Seeing her smile was the greatest sight that he had seen in two weeks, ever since the sky had gone black and the moon not dare to show. Feeling the adrenaline run through his veins he to knows the time was at hand. Seeing the excitement in his daughter’s eyes he to feels ready. The rain pouring down on to them making the dirt into little ponds, looking towards the river he notes the water rushing by with such force that even Earth knows there is going to be danger this night.

Letting out a growl to the moon as the clouds part and the wind dies down. Seeing the bright moon in the sky she starts to race through the darkness feeling the wind flowing over her sleek black body, her eyes blazing emerald green as she hisses and growls. Looking back she sees her father running along side her. She can see his massive muscles flowing through his black body as his feet pound the forest floor.

Finally feeling free and at home he races after his daughter hearing her growls throughout the night. Hissing he takes off, catching up to her he sees the hairs on the back of her neck are high. He sniffs the air and smells danger. He runs up to her and stops in front of her to get her to stop along side of him. He looks into her green eyes pleading to her to be careful. As he walks in front of her looking through the brush he sees fire throughout the forest. Sniffing the air again he smells the scent of danger, smoke.

Scarred, not knowing what to do she follows her father and seeing what he sees, smelling what he smells, her eyes continue to blaze as she hisses at the flames growing higher and thicker as they race through their homeland. Looking into the sky she watches as the birds of prey flying away from the flames terrified of them. Growling she nips at her father’s tail urging him to follow so they can escape the inferno, alive. He turns to face her and she becomes deadly afraid of what she sees within those gray eyes of his.

He looks into his daughter’s eyes and he knows within his soul that the time has come for him to depart from this earth and join her mother in the heavens above. He lays to his stomach and growls at her to run, as he feels the heat cover his body, he closes his dim gray eyes purring loudly.

Nipping her father’s ears hissing at him to follow so they can escape the inferno alive. He turns to face her and she becomes deadly afraid of what she sees within those gray eyes of his.

He looks into his daughter’s eyes and he knows within his soul that the time has come for him to depart from this earth and join her mother in the heavens above. He lies to his stomach and growls at her to run feeling the heat cover his body, he closes his dim gray eyes purring loudly.

Nipping her father’s ears hissing at him to follow scared at what is to come. Watching him close his eyes was like watching a flag go down in defeat. Racing off into the darkness with the flames behind her nipping at her heels as she runs, running faster and free growling at the moon for letting this happen to her father. Finally at the edge of the forest she jumps the river that separates it from the mainland, she looks back and sees her father’s face within the flames. Bowing her head she sits down and hugs her knees feeling that he has left in peace and is looking down on her, the stars above are now in two panther shapes, knowing in her heart and soul that one is her mother and the other is her father.

April 20, 2011

Night Panther

In the darkness of the night she looks to the moon for help, falling to her knees she prays. Seeing the darkest of nights she feels more alone then she ever has. The hairs on the back of her neck rising she raises to her feet and runs, knowing there is something deadly wrong.

Hearing footsteps up ahead he rushes on ahead praying to the stars that the girl hi is after has not rushed to far ahead. Leaves crunching under his feet he hurries on panting and gasping for breath, heart beating loudly he surely thinks that if she were near she would be able to hear the beating.

Her eyes glowing like the eyes of a cat, she feels her reflexes going into full affect as she runs as fast as a cheetah. She pounces up into a tree hissing at the figure behind her. Her emerald green eyes glowing in the darkness she sees the figure stop and bend over their knees to catch their breath she assumes. Getting into attack position she sits and waits.

Looking up ahead in the darkness he sees the bright green eyes in a tree staring dead at him, feeling shivers go down his spine he slowly goes forward not knowing what to expect. The coolness of the night tightens around him making him shiver with cold and fear.

Waiting, waiting, and stalking she sits on a limb looking down on the figure. No know that it is a man that has come after her. Her hind legs drawn tight with adrenaline she still waits for the right moment to pounce.

Fear clutching his heart he fears for his life and the girls. Looking up in the tree where he had first seen the green eyes he sees them again staring at him once again. He stands there not moving just looking. Could it be, he wonders. No, it could not be the girl he is after. Could the legend he has heard be true?

Her claws digging into the bark of the tree she hisses down at the man just standing there, she can smell the fear off of him knowing that it is not her he fears, but the thought of loosing her to the panther that she has become. Growling she leaps down onto the ground and circles him growling and hissing under her breath.

Seeing the large cat jumps down from the tree he stands perfectly still not longer fearful. As the panther circles him he watches the sleek black body moving, noting the powerful muscles within the legs. Not daring to move he sits and waits.

Shock that he would sit down she stops and walks to the front of him and sits down herself. Looking into his gray eyes feeling her soul tinge she lays to her stomach and waits to see what he’ll do next.

Not knowing how to react he stares into her emerald green eyes as she stares into his. How could a sweet beautiful girl all of a sudden turn into a dangerous cat? He quietly and slowly rises to his feet as the panther jumps to hers he stands still not knowing what she will do if angered.

As he stares into her eyes her soul feels weird once again. She is angered that he had the nerve to stand and still not be afraid. As she lunges to her feet she growls, daring him to be afraid.

The wind howls through the trees as he watches the panther as she growls he knows that she is extremely angered. What is he to do? He cannot make himself feel something he has no need for. He knows that she wants him to be frightened yet he cannot, for he knows in his soul that she will not harm him.

Growling she tackles him to the ground. Pinning him down she looks into his gray eyes feeling that tingling sensation through her soul once again. She hisses at him for making her feel this way.

No longer fearing for him or the girl’s life he lays pinned to the ground feeling the panther’s hot breath on his face, he waits for her next move.

With the moon high in the sky and the wind blowing she fears that the time has come where she will have to return back to her normal body form. She growls one more time at the man on the ground and races off into the darkness growling all the while as she runs feeling the wind on her face.

Stunned at just what happened he jumps to his feet and takes off after the panther not wanting to lose it. Desperately trying to remember the legend that his grandfather had told him the night before about the panther girl. He looks up into the stars and sees them in a pattern of a panther.

Still racing through the night hearing her own breathing growing heavy and her hair flying behind her wildly as she runs. Knowing that she has returned. Hoping that she will feel the power of the panther again.

Now remember the legend of the panther girl he recalls it so he will be prepared when he comes up on her again. His grandfather had told him that long ago a young girl had wondered into the forest for comfort after her mother’s death. She had asked for protection of the lord above, and he had given it to her by when the night is dark and the moon is high with the stars bright, only when she be either afraid for her life or when she would just want to feel the cool wind flowing through her black fur, would she turn into the black powerful panther.

Gasping for air she stops and looks around feeling cornered she climbs a tree once again for protection. She sits and thinks of her mother that she had lost long ago. Thanks to the angels above she had found protection and comfort. She looks down and sees the man that has been after her coming down the trail. She sits and watches him, wondering what he sees in her.

His legs feeling ready to give out he knows he must rest if he is to be of any good in searching for the girl, he drops to the ground and leans against the tree starring off into the distance wondering where the panther girl was now. He hopes and prays she is not to far off. Feeling sleep take over him he has now power to resist, he falls into a dream filled sleep of running panthers.

Feeling more trapped then she has ever felt she looks down again and still the man sleeps under the tree. How is she to get out of the tree without waking him up? Looking for an escape route and finding none, she quietly climbs down the trunk of the tree leaping over the sleeping man. She stands in front of him and looks him dead in the face while he sleeps. Seeing a scar along his neck she shudders now knowing that it is he.

Opening his eyes he is starring at the beautiful girl that he had helped so long ago, no remember why the eyes of the panther were so familiar, it is she, the panther girl. He reaches out his hand, hoping that she will take it.

Seeing his eyes open she blinks like the deer caught in the brightness of the light. It could not be the man she had to look to for help that long ago, no it could not be. The scar on his neck however says so otherwise. He extends his hand to her she gently takes it not knowing what else to do.

He is the lord from the heavens that gave her the power to turn into the panther. He is the lord that his grandfather talked about. He came to her when she prayed up to the heavens for protection and came down to show her that there was hope and that he would indeed help her, scratching his neck she had sat there crying and watching his neck bleed, taking her wrist he had slit it to mingle their blood together, and there he stood chanting. And that is how she became the panther girl for he was the panther man.

Dropping to her knees she sits in front of him again, once again as she did three years ago. Looking into those warm hopeful gray eyes, she smiles at him knowing he will not harm her for he is her father.

Rising to his feet he gently pulls her to hers. Taking his daughter in his arms he whoppers that the time has come for them to finally go home. Looking to the moon he growls as his fur is rustled by the wind.

Feeling free once again standing on all fours by her father she races through the darn of a new day with her blood father finally going home.