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November 9, 2010

What I was before…

     Before Christianity was Wicca, before anyone has a heart failure or something of that nature let me explain what Wcca is and then you form your own opions.  Wicca is a broad religion having many different variations to it I guess, it breaks off the Paganism branch.  Defined by Websters Dictionary as “a religion influenced by pre-Christian beliefs and practices of western Europe that affirms the existence of supernatural power (as magic) and of both male and female deities who inhere in nature and that emphasizes ritual observance of seasonal and life cycles”  That is what it is defined as in the dictionary, now let me tell you how people who live that faith define it as…..

     Wicca to me and many others, who I have talked to in my many years of being Wiccan, is an eath based religion who live to not only protect nature, but to nurture it, to live it as a life of warmth, giving, loving, healing…..  Christians out there see Wcca as a devil worshiping religion, yet I am here to tell you as a former Wiccan and a new Christian, how could they have worshiped the devil when that is a Christian belief?  That is NO where in the Wiccan belief system whatsoever.  Christians took the Horned God, who is nothing more then the equal part of the Goddess but in male form, and made it out to be the “devil” for the Wiccans/Pagans.  That is not possible in the least little bit, as I said before hand Wiccans/Pagans  do not believe in the devil.  The Horned God has horns to represent his authority, his nature of what he was, the ruler of the woodlands, the hunt, the animals.

     There are so many similiarities in the Wiccan religion and Christianity that you would be surprised.  Take the Holy Trinity in Christianity you’ve got the Father, the son, and the Holy Spirit; in Wicca you’ve got the Mother, Maiden, and the Crone.  I am sure that if you look into every religion of the world you will see some sort of Trinity within it.  Christianity has the Ten Commandments, Wiccans…they have got the 13 Principles of life. 

     As I said, Wicca is an Earth based religion, no “sacrifices” of any kind, just the love of the earth and each other.  True there are some Wiccan’s out there that give the religion a bad name but the majority of the followers do it right, and follow with their hearts not their egotistical attitudes.

November 9, 2010

My New Journey

     On October 9, 2010 my world changed in a way that I cannot even describe, cannot even put it into words, I was baptised.  That was the weekend that the kids were with their father and my blazer was in the shop.  Having no wheels that weekend was rough but  my parents decided that they wanted to go see me get baptised so thankfully I rode with them into Wilson that morning. 

    A little background on my journey into Christianity.  A little over a year ago I was invited to West Edgecombe Baptist Church by my future mother in law.  At first I was really timid about going to a church, a baptist church to begin with!  Why you wonder?  Well due to the fact I was a Wiccan before hand, (I’ll explain that religion a little bit better in another post) and wasn’t really feeling the whole concept of Jesus and God at that point in my life.  It has taken me almost a year to finally grasp the concept of Jesus and His Father.  Through this year He has put me through some major obstacles that I have come out on top pretty much.  Through these obstacles I have learned that the power of prayer really and truly works.  I truly believe that God made it to where I could not get baptised until I was fully ready to finally accept Him. 

    I thought I was ready at the beginning when I first converted over to Christianity but obviously God knew that I was not ready to take that final step.  I remember going up to the pastor several times talking to him about being baptised and he would constantly tell me “No Sheena I cannot baptise you yet, simply because you are living in sin in God’s eyes”  How was I living in sin?  I was living with my ex with our two boys however we never did get married.  Its like God knew what was ahead of me, knew that I needed a few more lessons in life to learn before I was finally able to accept Him fully into my heart.

     Those lessons were tough and hard to accept yet, I made it through them all in one piece by the grace of God.  I am proud of who I am now, not of who I was back then that is for sure.  However, now I am someone who my children can look up to and know that whatever I do I do for them and only them.

     Upon seperating from my fiancee and moving back into the house with my parents I had to go church searching again.  There was no way I could continue going to WEBC where I started out at, for several reasons.  One, it was to far to travel on a low budget.  Two, I really couldn’t show my face there.  Too many of the poeple who went there were related to him and at the moment in time I couldn’t handle the talk that would be going around I’m sure.  So with those thoughts in mind I needed to find another church to start going to.

     Coming home to my paretns house may have been the best thing that I could have ever done, my father directed me towards Stoneybrook Church.  Stoneybrook Church has become my new church home and I have never felt more alive being in church as I do there.  The Minister there is from our hometown Creswell.  His father married my parents so many years ago and now the son is my preacher, is the one who baptised me.  I feel like the cycle is complete, I am where I need to be.