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October 6, 2011


It’s late at night and I’m sitting here watching a marathon of Avatar: The Last Airbender, strange granted. Just so much is going through my mind that I can’t seem to still it long enough for me to calm down enough to sleep. With everything that has been going on lately got me to thinking about my own family and just got me to thinking about my Gram. She was a woman of many personas I guess you could say! Thankfully I was able to know and love her by the loving grandmother that she was and not the other side of her before I was born. I know of that side and I have seen that side a few times but few and far in between. All I know is that me and my cousin Candice put her through hell during the summers! She would laugh at us, scold us, and as we got older the rougher we gave hahaha!! I can remember staying up all hours of the night sometimes all night and day playing My Little Pony with Candice and several times during that night Gram would walk in going “Yall better go on to bed before Margaret wakes up!” Then there was the day that we got lost in the woods for awhile (thats for another post all together!). Yet there is one thing that I will always remember about Gram, she was EVERYONE’S Grandma, she was the neighborhood Grandma it seems, but Candice and I did not care really we knew who she was and she knew who we were so all was good.

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