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September 17, 2011

Random Memories

Its been a rainy dreary day today, so being stuck in the house my mind got to thinking of different things that I could do to post more to my blog. Thinking that I need to post more to my blog period! Well, as I have been thinking I thought that I might start posting random memories from my past. We shall see how this plays out, and if I will be able to hold on to getting a post out a day!

Starting the memories off I’ll have to go with my old cat Mouse. I know you are sitting there why in the world start off with a cat memory! There was an older dog in my yard this morning and I mean spitting image of my dog that I have right now, but it was an older version of her (so could have been her dad!).

Yet seeing that older dog made me think back to my cat Mouse, when we got this cat we were living in a trailer in a little town called Creswell and this cat was just so adorable it looked like a drowned rat, ears to big for the head, paws just a tad bit bigger then should have been. As a kitten and a young adult cat Mouse would terrorize me, and I mean running up behind me biting me on my ankles scratching at my legs, it was unreal! It was just me that he would do that to, crazy! Well, he did it one time in front of my father and dad got up kicked that cat across the floor, it was kind of funny at the time. So not long after that Mouse became my cat and just followed me everywhere. It was when we moved to Southern Pines that Mouse was known as MY cat (running joke in the family between mom and me). I would go to school and come home to find him waiting for me on the love seat that was near the door, walk up to him he would jump up on his hind legs put his front paws on my shoulder and nuzzle my cheek. Mouse became my mini panther, because he was huge!! Bigger then most housecats figured that he probably had some tomcat in him down the line from somewhere. He could open my bedroom door as well as most cabinet doors, and LOVED flex all the muscle cream. Oh he was a trip when he got around that stuff, he literally got high off of it (many more memories to come from that one hehehehe). He went through the move from Creswell, to Southern Pines, and finally to Saratoga. That was the last move the power thing ever went through, he got up in age I want to say he was close to 12-13 years old. With age comes the problems of getting older, he got to the point he was peeing everywhere but the liter box so we had to finally put my poor baby down.

That is one animal that will never be forgotten nor replaced. He was truly my best friend during those years……whew if that cat could ever talk I would have been screwed back in my high school years!!