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April 20, 2011

The Chase

Heart pounding, fingers trembling, breathe quickening, hearing his heartbeat in his ears. Feeling scared, holding his lover’s hand hoping that she can’t feel his fingers trembling, for he was terrified, but not wanting her to know. He knew that she was petrified but also gathering the strength to go forth with him

As the walk on through the dark woods she kept hearing other footsteps other than their own. She looks into her lovers eyes wondering if he had heard them to, he nodded motioning to a big tree with a hole it it, big enough to hide only one person. She knew what he wanted her to do but she wasn’t about to leave him alone with them being chased. She shook her head furiously, tightening her hold on his hand saying in an iron voice that she would not leave him.

He gritted his teeth knowing that she was a very stubborn woman, how could he have ever thought that she would of gone through with the plan knowing that he would be out there alone. He nods understanding her fears. He gently takes her hands in his and telling her in a soft voice not to worry for he would be all right. She still shakes her head, fire gleaming in her eyes.

Feeling the hair on the back of her neck rise knowing that someone was watching them her eyes shinning with fear, fearing that they would be caught. Quickly, holding her breath and motioning with her head to the thicket, meaning that is their only escape, he node and runs for the thicket with her right on his heels.

Kicking away the stray limbs and the brush he makes a path for him and his love to get through, to run for their lives. Hearing her breathing heavy behind him he looks back at her and smiles reassuringly. Hoping that she would understand that he was there and not going to leave her.

With her lover before her, and looking back at her and smiling, she knew then and only then that they would get out of this alive. Feeling her heart soar with renewed strength she lunges forward going as fast as she can possibly go.

Hearing his lover coming up behind him, he wonders if she is going to pass him or not. He looks back at her and a sight that chills him to the bone. He saw a shadow following them and with his lover not knowing that fact he quickly takes a hold of her hand and pulls her in front of him urging her to run faster. She is looking at him with questions in her eyes. He only shakes his head urging her on. She shrugs and keeps moving without looking back, the way he had hoped that she would.

As she thrashed through the brush her lover had pulled her in front of him. She looked at him wondering what was going on. His face was white as a ghost, she knows that he is holding something back but not quite wanting her to know. She just kept running until she felt the spray of water. As she came onto the stream she let out a strangled gasp, for the current was rushing by with such force that she knows that if she went into the stream that she would be ripped in two! When she looks back to her lover he was no where to be seen. Her eyes searching frantically for a sign of him but there was none.

He felt a hand on his shoulder, tackling him to the ground. Without a sound he rolled over onto his back and with strength he did not know he had, he pushes the attacker off of him. Looking for his lover, guessing she had gone ahead of him, for he was glad. Finishing off the job he slowly walks forward calming his heart and his fear.

As she paces the shore looking for her lover he finally walks through the clearing. She smiles and holds him in her arms, whispering comforting thoughts into his ears, knowing that he has completed the job that they were sent on. The chase was over.