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November 9, 2010

My New Journey

     On October 9, 2010 my world changed in a way that I cannot even describe, cannot even put it into words, I was baptised.  That was the weekend that the kids were with their father and my blazer was in the shop.  Having no wheels that weekend was rough but  my parents decided that they wanted to go see me get baptised so thankfully I rode with them into Wilson that morning. 

    A little background on my journey into Christianity.  A little over a year ago I was invited to West Edgecombe Baptist Church by my future mother in law.  At first I was really timid about going to a church, a baptist church to begin with!  Why you wonder?  Well due to the fact I was a Wiccan before hand, (I’ll explain that religion a little bit better in another post) and wasn’t really feeling the whole concept of Jesus and God at that point in my life.  It has taken me almost a year to finally grasp the concept of Jesus and His Father.  Through this year He has put me through some major obstacles that I have come out on top pretty much.  Through these obstacles I have learned that the power of prayer really and truly works.  I truly believe that God made it to where I could not get baptised until I was fully ready to finally accept Him. 

    I thought I was ready at the beginning when I first converted over to Christianity but obviously God knew that I was not ready to take that final step.  I remember going up to the pastor several times talking to him about being baptised and he would constantly tell me “No Sheena I cannot baptise you yet, simply because you are living in sin in God’s eyes”  How was I living in sin?  I was living with my ex with our two boys however we never did get married.  Its like God knew what was ahead of me, knew that I needed a few more lessons in life to learn before I was finally able to accept Him fully into my heart.

     Those lessons were tough and hard to accept yet, I made it through them all in one piece by the grace of God.  I am proud of who I am now, not of who I was back then that is for sure.  However, now I am someone who my children can look up to and know that whatever I do I do for them and only them.

     Upon seperating from my fiancee and moving back into the house with my parents I had to go church searching again.  There was no way I could continue going to WEBC where I started out at, for several reasons.  One, it was to far to travel on a low budget.  Two, I really couldn’t show my face there.  Too many of the poeple who went there were related to him and at the moment in time I couldn’t handle the talk that would be going around I’m sure.  So with those thoughts in mind I needed to find another church to start going to.

     Coming home to my paretns house may have been the best thing that I could have ever done, my father directed me towards Stoneybrook Church.  Stoneybrook Church has become my new church home and I have never felt more alive being in church as I do there.  The Minister there is from our hometown Creswell.  His father married my parents so many years ago and now the son is my preacher, is the one who baptised me.  I feel like the cycle is complete, I am where I need to be.

November 8, 2010

Summary of Me

     Starting out on your own is never easy, especially when you have two toddlers that depend solely on you.  My name is Sheena Snell and this is my story with my two little ones.  I am a stay at home mom, currently enrolled in online school going for my BA in Journalism and Mass Communications, halfway through thankfully but still a long way to go. 
     Sitting here writing this I think back over the past few years and wow my world has changed, being blessed with Colt and Curtis has made me a new woman, a woman who wants to be someone who her children can be proud of.  I have had a rough last year and I am trying to get back on my feet by staying with my parents for now.  Seperating from their father was probablly the hardest thing that I ever had to do but doing that has opened not only his eyes but mine as well. I have made a vow to myself that whatever it takes I will do to make it work for my children, for they are my light in this dark stage of my life. 
     Thank you God for the two blessings that you have blessed upon me to nurture, to raise, to love….