Who Am I?

Well I am a mother of two children, a sister to one, a soon to be wife, as well as a daughter.  I am everything rolled into one, but all mother’s are.  One facebook you always see this posting running around saying “Do you have a full time job?  Yes because I am a mother……etc”  All mother’s can say that they work full time and even if they do have a job then they’ve got a second one.


I have struggled to get where I am at now in my life, and there is no one or nothing that will stand in my way to finish what I have started.  Currently, I am a full time student with Ashford University via online, I am an owner of an online shop called Sheeena’s Place…that is one of my babies that I have been nurturing slowly and watching it boom.  I am also a ghostwriter for a company online (can’t really say where due to the fact that I’m a ghost writer up there).


With two toddlers everything is constantly on the move, constantly doing this or doing that, never really get a break except at night when they go down, and even then I’m still moving, finishing up chores from the day, finishing up homework that I need to catch up on.  There are many nights that I do not get to bed until after 11pm and that’s if I’m lucky.


So in essence this is my blog about me and my thoughts and we shall see where this leads and hopefully you will enjoy what you read and will continue to come back and check in….


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